Workforce Management

Roles & Rights


RevRouter’s permission settings determine what each individual and department has access to. Make different sets of data, reports, and analytics available to different teams and departments. With RevRouter you never have to worry about data security with carefully calibrated settings.

Utilizing profiles in the RevRouter call center suite restricts users from deleting, viewing, and exporting customer records. Be as selective as you want and remove non-relevant functions to ensure complete employee focus.


Collaboration is often overlooked yet a necessary part of streamlining processes and continued success. RevRouter fosters collaboration by enabling agents to invite other team members to interact on a contact’s record.

Have individuals or departments that are more experienced than others? With RevRouter you can segment out customers so that only the representatives experienced in that product or service are the ones tasked with supporting them. By closely mentoring and monitoring agents, you can have experts transfer their knowledge and work towards a seamless and consistent closing process, every time.