Here at RevRouter we believe in customizing your CRM solution to best fit your organizations needs. No two call centers are alike which means your goals and business initiatives are as unique as your organization. Customization is the most powerful tool to have in your arsenal. With RevRouter you can select the customizations and extensions that make the most sense for your needs.

Customize our platform to fit your business’ persona; change everything from page layouts, automation rules, templated fields, naming conventions, and much, much, more!

Workflow Controls

Customer support workflows help you to automate the routine administration of incoming tickets and helps to automate the process that moves them through to resolution.

Use workflows to set stage and status as well as route incoming tickets and ensure your process controls are enforced.

Workflow Triggers

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Workflow triggers are a revolutionary technology that enables automatic actions once a specific, predetermined, conditions are met.

With our comprehensive platform you can easily create alerts, SMS messages, emails, statues, post notes, assign tasks, and more!

Workflow Automation

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RevRouter always has productivity in mind, and as we all know, time is money.

With our workflow automations, you can easily create a series of communications and deliver them to a client on a predetermined schedule. Messages can go out to contacts, agents, managers, or any email address.

In addition to sending automated communications, you can also update records, fire web-hooks to SMS messages, create shared documents, update teams, and even trigger a direct mail campaign. The sky is truly the limit!

Workflow Templates

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Performance marketing would be nothing without multi-channel communication and customizable automation. RevRouter makes it easy by enabling users to create a library of templated emails, text messages (SMS), and documents that you can access and customize on the fly.

Brand & Localization

RevRouter is a cloud-based CRM solution that can be customized to fit your individual feel. Make the platform feel like home by adding your own company logo, customize your company colors, and map the platform to your own domain. Not to mention, if you want to change any field to fit your companies jargon, it can easily be mirrored and altered at any time.

Workflow Controls

RevRouter helps you stay on top of daily tasks with our automated workflows. Route incoming tickets, set stage and status and more! RevRouter makes it easy to manage your contact center by automating the incoming tickets to help increase conversions and completions.

User Interface Layout

RevRouter’s user interface was made with ease of use in mind. We know how annoying it is to implement a software that takes up more of your agent’s time. RevRouter eliminates that with System Fields, Optional Fields, Pick Lists, System Controllers, and Custom Controllers.

Dynamic Nested Dependency Lookup

Grouping sets of inputs together under a 3-tiered framework is simple with our Dynamic Nested Dependency Lookup. Further encourage success with prompts by guiding teams through necessary actions and steps.

Responsive Scripting

Looking for responsive scripting? Look no further, the RevRouter CRM solution is here with a comprehensive and responsive scripting tool. Unified with our Dynamic Nested Dependency Lookup, your script pathing is concise and accurate, every time.


Web-hooks enable you to trigger external actions when an event is triggered. With Web-hooks, you put your CRM in conversations with thousands of applications, seamlessly.